Custom Homes in Simcoe & Norfolk County
Have a custom home built just for you; in Simcoe, Port Dover, and the surrounding Norfolk County area. We have decades of experience building new homes, and are excited to offer you our expertise.
It Starts with a Strong Foundation
The foundation of your custom home sets the stage for all of the steps to follow. We follow code and standards to assure a durable foundation
Your Dream Home's Footprint
Once complete, the foundation will serve to be the base of all things to come. Rock solid, and built to last, just like everything we make.
Sub Floors and Home Layout
With floor joists in place, a plywood sub-floor is laid to support your future carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring. Your custom home is starting to take shape!
Trusses & Framing
Your custom home in Simcoe, Delhi, Port Dover or anywhere in Norfolk County takes form when walls are framed with studs, and the roof trusses provide a rib cage for your home.

Time to Build a Custom Home in Simcoe or Norfolk County?

Mark Acton Custom New Homes

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Mark Acton and I’d like to help you design and build your new custom dream home in Simcoe or elsewhere in Norfolk County.

I’ve been helping folks in the Simcoe area for decades with renovation projects big and small, as well as new home design and construction.

My team and I are dedicated to making sure the design and construction of your new home are executed to the strictest standards of local code, guidelines, and quality.

Let’s discuss your future dream home’s location, design, and construction and determine if we are the perfect fit as your new team.

Mark Acton Custom Homes
Simcoe, Ontario

Hi, I’m Mark Acton!

How Can Mark Acton Help?

Here’s a few examples of recent work by Mark Acton Custom Homes around Norfolk County

Custom home in Turkey Point by Mark Acton

 New Home Design/Build

Port Dover deck addition

Exterior Renovations/Additions

Living Room Reno in Simcoe Ontario

Interior Renovations/Upgrades

Turkey Point Project: Custom Designed and Built Home